Why Move and Start a Business

Five Reasons to Move and Start a Business in Trinity County 

Are you thinking about relocating to the area? Below are five reasons to move and start a business in Trinity County. 

  1. Small-Town Benefits 

Compared to large metropolises, starting a small-town business has advantages. First, it allows for a smaller capital and lower overhead, and it’s easier to organize a business in a town where people are acquainted. The economy of rural areas is not as buoyant as urban regions, allowing many small business owners to run viable, profitable businesses in rural areas. You can also enjoy less competition and become well-known in the community, so marketing yourself and achieving repeat customers is more manageable. 

  1. Charming Sceneries 

Trinity County is known for its picturesque scenery and small-town living. Four hours north of San Francisco and comfortably west of Interstate 5, Trinity County is an untouched-by-the-rush hideaway. Almost entirely mountainous, Trinity County is larger than the state of Delaware, but it has only 13,700 residents and no incorporated cities. Instead of crowds or traffic jams, you’ll find the vastly beautiful Trinity Alps Wilderness area, the wild and scenic Trinity River, and an extensive list of outdoor recreation opportunities. With views like these, idyllic trips to and from work are the norm.  

  1. A Community of Unity  

Trinity County residents love to support their local businesses. Even though it takes time and strategic thinking, starting and growing your business in the Trinity County community can be liberating, not limiting. Take advantage of all that’s out there. Becoming part of the local community can create a thriving and fulfilling business. 

  1. Local Government Backing 

One of the missions of the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce is involvement and advocacy at every level of government. Throughout the year, Chamber staff and our Board of Directors work to represent local businesses to the government. We work closely with elected officials, ensuring our members’ representation in every way possible. With the help of our members, the Chamber attempts to track issues and changes that might impact business at the local, state, and federal levels. We aim to inform our members of these matters and how best to get your voices heard. 

  1. Active Chamber of Commerce 

The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to being the leading catalyst for creating a cooperative, productive, and prosperous community. By joining the Chamber, you’ll align yourself with an entity that promotes a healthy business environment throughout Trinity County and forge alliances with local organizations to enhance the business climate and quality of life. 

Start your Move to Trinity County Today 

Ready to move or start a business in Trinity County? The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to the community. The Chamber is here to provide expertise and help you establish or move a company to the area. With the right tools and resources, you’ll have the confidence to start your new business venture in a quaint and caring community.